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Sony Spatial Reality 3D glasses-free holographic display


Sony 3D glasses-free holographic display

Sony has introduced an original holographic display that allows you to view 3D models without the need for an additional headset. The company revealed details about the proprietary technology, showed how it looks in reality, and also announced the price of the advanced device.

Sony Spatial Reality Display Video

Sony’s Spatial Reality display features special sensors that track the user’s gaze in real-time and build an appropriate perspective of 3D objects without requiring a VR headset. The novelty is positioned as a convenient solution for 3D designers and planners who want to see the result of their work “live”.

For the first time, SR-displays were shown at CES 2020. The diagonal of the new items is 15.6 inches at 4K resolution. The design of the screen provides for the placement of microlenses that automatically divide the screen into areas for the right and left eyes, thereby creating the effect of a stereoscopic image.

Sony Spatial Reality Display Image

Sony representatives note that for the SR-displays to work correctly, you must use a powerful PC – the configuration must include an Intel Core i7 class processor and an NVIDIA RTX 2070 Super graphics accelerator, or a higher model. The reason for the high system requirements is the need to synchronously render two images at 2K resolution.

Sony Spatial Reality Display Price

Sony’s 3D display is priced at $ 5,000, with a launch date to be announced later.


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