Home Samsung Samsung patents a smartphone with a drop-down display

Samsung patents a smartphone with a drop-down display

Samsung patents a smartphone with a drop-down display

South Korean electronics maker Samsung continues to actively experiment with smartphone form factors. In another patent, the manufacturer described an extraordinary mechanism for a movable flexible display that the user can slide out of the case to achieve the best sound from the speakers built into the gadget.

The explanatory documentation attached to the illustrations points to plans by Samsung engineers to develop a smartphone whose flexible display can be slightly extended outside the body. Thus, the speakers hidden inside will be released, providing a louder and richer sound due to the formation of an impromptu acoustic chamber.

Samsung points to the possibility of using a polymer display that is now found in the Fold family of foldable smartphones. Also, a characteristic design feature of the patented device is the presence of flat side edges, which are now used in the latest generation of Apple smartphones. In this regard, insiders do not exclude that Samsung may abandon streamlined shapes in future flagship devices.


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