Home Games Resident Evil Village details published in Japanese magazine

Resident Evil Village details published in Japanese magazine

Resident Evil Village details published in Japanese magazine

Resident Evil Village details

The famous Japanese magazine Famitsu has published a long article about Resident Evil Village. The lyrics shed light on new details of the upcoming horror, and one fan translated the material into English. We have selected the main points of this publication.

Resident Evil Village Video Trailer

Here’s what came out from Famitsu’s article on Resident Evil Village:

  • It was Chris Redfield who brought Ethan Winters to the mysterious mountain village. Ethan wakes up to find that he was passed out. The hero does not understand how long he lay unconscious
  • When Ethan regains consciousness, he begins to wander where his eyes are leading – and eventually comes to the village.
  • Residents have protection from outsiders in the form of mysterious and dangerous creatures to whom they pray. Apparently, this is part of some kind of religion or cult.
  • A man in a raincoat will act as a merchant from whom you can buy goods or sell unnecessary things.
  • Mia’s mysterious picture book tells a story very similar to what Ethan would see in the village. It looks like this is the key to understanding the plot.
  • In addition to a man in a raincoat who provides the services of a merchant, there will be an elderly shaman in the game, whose role in solving the main mystery of this story may be decisive

Recall that the horror Resident Evil Village will be released on PS, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X / S, the release is scheduled for 2021. The authors do not exclude that they may release a horror film on the current generation consoles, but there is no exact information about this yet.


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