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About iTechNewz

Hello and Welcome to iTechNewz, the world’s best information technology news, views, and reviews resource.

At iTechNewz, our main goal is to showcase our readers the latest happenings around the globe in one place for convenience.

If you’ve ever asked yourself:

  • “What is the latest news in the information technology sector right now?”
  • “Which is the most trendy mobile device these days?”
  • “Who is the famous Hollywood / Bollywood actor right now?”
  • “How do I fix ______ Computer, Mobile, Tablet, etc. related issues?”
  • “Can I find the latest news, views, and reviews on one single website?”

The single answer to all the above and more questions is that you have reached the right place.

Why iTechNewz (Our Story)

My name is Imran Ahmed Farooq, and I’m the founder of iTechNewz.

The iTechNewz story begins back in 2019 when I first started to search for a reliable, easy to use, high tech, latest, resourceful Technology News website.

I came across different great websites like TechRadar, Gsmarena, and Phonearena, etc.

Starting a new endeavor is always challenging as well as enjoyable at the same time that’s why it took me so long to launch my website.

I surfed the web to find a resource that could help my clients and other new Technology News lovers around the globe.

I launched iTechNewz on July 14, 2020, as a resource targeted for Technology news lovers around the globe.

Getting Started with iTechNewz (Useful Links)

Useful links will be added soon!

If you’re just starting, then we highly recommend that you check out the following areas of our site:

  • iTechNewz Blog – The central place for all our WordPress tutorials.

If you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US.